Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bacon: A PR Resource

The April issue of Bacon's ExpertPR newsletter has two articles that especially interested me and might interest you as well.

1. Continuity: Creating an Image Greater Than the Parts, by Jim Schakenbach.
Ignore the business jargon and pay attention to Schakenbach's overall points.
  1. Pay attend to your library's image and brand.
  2. Hone a consistent image by creating a style sheet for librarians and staff on how to use the library's logo, colors and fonts.
  3. Use a consistent message including your vision statement and tagline.

2. Top 5 Reasons to Use RSS by Fergus Burns. And the reasons are:
  • Avoid Spam Filters
  • Make Journalists Happy
  • Improve Your Web Traffic
  • Monitor Your Online Reputation
  • It's Easy - Even for a Non-Techie
Ready for more? Read the articles for details.

[Thanks to Tom Murphy at PR Opinions for the link]

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