Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Resource: Get to the Po!nt

I keep meaning to post something about Get to the Po!nt, Marketing Prof's newish e-newsletter. Well, actually I keep meaning to post something period, but, I digress. Anyway, back to the Po!nt, ignore the tagline "small business secrets in 60 seconds," this e-newsletter has great tips for anyone who cares about marketing and promotion period.

Some of the particularly relevant issues include:
Get to the Po!nt is also a great example of everything library e-newsletters should be: short, interesting, useful, attractively designed and relevant. It's on my wouldn't it be great list to have an e-newsletter of short research tips with everything from ways to search Google more effectively, to quick and helpful uses of that database no one without an MLS understands how to use anyway. Wouldn't it be better to stop telling people that X database has x,000 journals and articles and start telling people what they can actually do with it? Read Time magazine online, get the reports needed to make better business decisions, keep up to date with your industry news, etc.