Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Celebrating National Library Week

Happy National Library Week! How is your library celebrating?

The University of Dayton's Library staff created a new set of Research posters to promote the library again this year. Instead of using the "read" theme for posters like ALA, UD Library uses the research theme, which definitely seems like a better message to academic audiences to me. Too bad ALA seems reluctant to print their own research posters with celebrities.

Once again UD library staff proved that you can create a fantastic series of posters on a small budget. To accomplish this, staff recruited a visual arts student to take the photographs and design the posters. Relying on the talents of students is an excellent way to get quality work at a lower cost. You can view UD's 2004 posters, along with a selection of posters from other OhioLINK libraries, in the OhioLINK's Idea Gallery, which is part of the online Marketing Toolkit.

The library is also hosting their third food for fines campaign this week. Users can reduce their library fine by $1 for every nonperishable food item they donate. The food is later donated to a local food pantry.

(Thanks to Heidi Gauder, at Roesch Library, for keeping me informed)

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