Saturday, April 23, 2005

Business Week Online Features Cover Story on Blogs

Are you still wondering what the whole blogging thing is about? What about RSS and podcasting? The cover story for the May 2 edition of Business Week might help you out. You can read the story, "Blogs Will Change Your Business" online now.

Yes, this story has a business slant, but it still provides a great overview of blogging and it's benefits. Why should libraries pay attention to blogs? In my view:

1. Blogs are learning tools and sources of information.
2. Blogs are communication tools.

Blogs, if they are successful, can help you reach greaters numbers of your audience than ever before. As the Businessweek article says:

Look at it this way: In the age of mass media, publications like our print the news. Sources try to get quoted, but the decision is ours. Ditto with letters to the editor. Now instead of just speaking through us, they can blog. And if they master the ins and outs of this new art -- like how to get other bloggers to link to them -- they reach a huge audience.

How many libraries are trying to reach a huge audience? All of them I hope.

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