Sunday, April 29, 2007

Any Luck with GoodSearch?

Have any libraries or library organizations been successful in raising funds via GoodSearch?

GoodSearch, which is powered by Yahoo!, is a search engine which donates approximately $0.01 per search to the charity of the searcher’s choice. Get more info here. Charities and non-profits will receive an annual check from GoodSearch providing they earn more than $20/year.

There are quite a few libraries on the list of participants, but so far I’ve only seen a few that have generated the minimum $20/year. The Friends of the New Orleans Public Library has raised $34.44 so far this year. I wonder if most organizations signed up, but aren’t promoting it much. Other total donations raised so far in 2007: ALA - $1.55; Ohioana Library Association - $21.61; and Rawson Memorial Library - $15.10.

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