Thursday, April 20, 2006

You MUST see this presentation!

I heard Alane Wilson, senior library market consultant, OCLC, speak at Ohionet's annual meeting today on "Understanding User Perceptions." It was a fantastic presentation and one that I think anyone working in or with a library should hear. Whether you've read the OCLC's "Perceptions of Libraries and Information Services" report or not (I must admit, I've done more skimming than reading thus far), you must see this presentation! Luckily, you can watch Alane do her stuff from the comfort of your home or office by watching the SirsiDynixInstitute archive presentation of her talk. Go. Go now.

Alane's presentation and the way she framed her talk really got my gears turning. I have so many ideas and thoughts now I'm not sure where to start. Hey, why are you still reading this? Go listen for yourself.

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