Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OCLC Will Develop Library Marketing Campaign

Interesting news: "OCLC awarded Gates grant to develop library marketing campaign"

I think it's interesting that it's OCLC doing this and not ALA. Although, that might not be a bad thing. I also wonder if any national campaign can actually trickle down to produce results on the local level? I mean advice, help and free materials would be great, but don't expect to sit back and watch OCLC do all the work and reap great rewards. Everyone needs to pitch in (call it promotion, education, marketing, etc.) and do their bit locally if they want results. But I'm singing to the choir on this...right?

You can read more from Library Journal.

Oh and if you haven't looked at OCLC's Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources report, you should. There's a college version too.

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