Friday, January 13, 2006

Newsletter Tips from a Pro

Kathy Dempsey, editor of the Marketing Library Services newsletter, gave some great tips every library newsletter writer, editor and contributor should keep in mind today on ALA's ACADEMICPR electronic list. I've summarized her tips below, with Kathy's permission:

  • Don't just send the newsletter to everyone. Although opt-in newsletters "make the start-up more complicated, that's what people usually prefer to do. Sending to everyone then saying 'you can opt out' can make people resentful."

  • When it comes to newsletters, one size doesn't fit all. Consider different newsletters for each audience. As Kathy explained, "faculty and students have very different needs, so if you want to create something that really matters to your audience, you need to customize for each different group."
  • Give 'em what they want! "Don't forget to ask: why would people want to read this? If you give people something they want, you'll be more successful than if you push them content that you think they need. If we connect with the people first, later in the conversations we could say, "you know what else might be of use to you?"

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