Friday, October 22, 2004

PR Resources Librarians Should Check Out

Yes, it's been another slow week for me on the blog. I've been busy with a big event at work, which by the way went well today, thanks for asking. I may not have been blogging, but I seldom miss a day of checking my favorite blogs.

Here's some good stuff I've read lately, in case you missed it:

  • The Contentious blog is featuring a 10-part series for meeting the media's needs online. Amy's tips (verbatim) are to:
  1. Create an easy-to-find online pressroom.
  2. Include a complete and current list of individual press contacts.
  3. Never use a web-based form as the sole channel for media contacts.
  4. Include complete, specific contact info on every press release.
  5. Publish press releases on your own site first.
  6. Make it easy to link to your releases.
  7. Publish your news by webfeed.
  8. Offer an optional e-mail press release list.
  9. Don’t be an e-mail pest.
  10. Use real mailing list software (or a service) to distribute e-mail press releases.

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